Marcus Jimenez - Owner/Trainer

Jorge Lopez - Trainer



Marc Jimenez is an N.S.C.A. Certified Master Trainer with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise & Sport Sciences from Texas Tech University. With over seven years of personal training experience, he has trained a dynamic group of clients. His philosophy is "If you're willing to work hard, I'm willing to work with you." He has worked with clients ranging from general fitness clients to High Performance Athletes such as #1 Nationally Ranked Tennis Athlete Gabrielle Andrews and Torsten Keil-Long Ranked #40 in California.







Jorge Lopez is a Certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in weight loss and body transformations. Jorge began training for fitness with Marc in the summer of 2011 and experienced a major physical transformation. After a year of exercising on a regular basis, Jorge decided to share his experience with others and acquired his Personal Trainer certification. He has been helping others who share his common journey of losing weight and improving their overall health. Jorge has a strong passion for helping others and motivating them to acheive their personal goals.